Rammstein’s Till Lindemann stars on Zaz’s new cinematic music video for “Le Jardin Des Larmes”


Rammstein's Till Lindemann stars on new Zaz cinematic clip for

Till Lindemann of German heavy metal band Rammstein teamed up with French musician Zaz for the song “Le Jardin Des Larmes”. The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Zoran Bihać, which sees Zaz roaming the desert wearing a red cape and the singer duet with Lindemann in an extravagant mansion with West Asian decor. Unlike Lindemann’s typical heavy metal style, the song is a more classic track, with elaborate string orchestration and emotional piano keys leading the instrumental.

Rammstein is said to have been working on a new studio album during the quarantine and COVID-19 lockdown, which was discussed by band keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz. Earlier this year, they teamed up with high fashion by working with luxury firm Balenciaga, which sold products starting at $ 495. It’s been a few years since Rammstein released a studio album, with their last self-titled release which debuted in 2019. m

“With their previous album Liebe ist für alle da meaning ‘love is for everyone’ in English, released in 2009, Rammstein has been producing new music for ten years. Even after all this time, the industrial hard rock / metal band has come back stronger than ever, ”explained mxdwn critic Erin Winans. “After being formed in 1994, this untitled album, also called Rammstein, is their seventh full studio album and can be ranked as their best to date. “

After being detained in Russia earlier this year, Lindemann appeared on the Emigrate track “Always On My Mind”. Emigrate is the solo project of fellow Rammstein member Richard Kruspe.


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