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Today, a few stories about real estate. Or should I say real estate? Three recent articles have caught my imagination.

First, there’s controversy in South Florida (the last place you’d expect controversy, right?) Over the Al Capone mansion demolition project in Biscayne Bay.

A developer bought the dilapidated property that was built in 1928. He wants to demolish it and build a large, even more obscene mansion to replace the old one.

But historical curators are circulating a petition to save the old mansion and turn it into a museum. Truly? Would you pay money to see Capone’s old house?

This would raise questions. First off, Capone, one of the most infamous gangsters, kind of had a bad reputation – you know, all the murders and the smuggling and stuff. Do you really want to honor the guy with a museum?

And what would the gift shop look like? Tommy guns and brass knuckles? What about figurines in a suitcase?

I don’t have to decide if I would buy a ticket. It will be a cold day in hell before I set foot in Florida again. Sorry, Mickey. (By the way, get out while you can.)

Then there is the story of the “Skinny House” in Boston. And he’s skinny, that’s for sure. It is only 6 feet wide. It just sold for $ 1.2 million, so the price isn’t meager.

According to CNN, the Skinny House was built in 1862 as a “house in spite of itself.”

Looks like a guy went to war, and when he came back his brother had built this really big house with a great view of the ocean. Well, the returning soldier built this skinny house next to his brother’s to block out the ocean view. It must have been awkward on Thanksgiving.

So what do you get for $ 1.2 million? You get four floors, two bedrooms and a bathroom. And if you want, you can extend your arms and touch the walls.

I guess this Skinny House isn’t for everyone. Especially the claustrophobic.

And finally, a place where I would like to live. An illustrator in England has built a recreation of Winnie the Pooh’s treehouse, and you can stay there for $ 130 a night.

It can accommodate four people and has jars of honey in the cupboards.

The owner called the teddy’s house a “Bearbnb”.

I would love to go there and play Poohsticks and walk through the Hundred Acre Wood. And I would appreciate the honey inspired meals.

I was going to admire Rabbit’s garden and bounce with Tigger. And I would protect Piglet from the Heffalumps.

What a wonderful time that would be.

But unfortunately. The Bearbnb is only rented to UK residents.

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