Reinier Zonneveld reigns as techno royalty after a sold-out 11-hour performance at Live NOW festival

Reinier Zonneveld wrapped up the inaugural edition of his Live NOW festival, raising the bar for the techno industry as a whole with a dominating 11-hour marathon performance.

A legendary show that’s been in the works for years, the Live NOW festival took place in Hembrugterrein, on the outskirts of Amsterdam, injecting the beautifully ramshackle grounds with the fiery sounds of the Dutch techno titan. Playing around the clock with his full personal studio on stage, Reinier Zonneveld underlined exactly why he stands at the cutting edge of techno. For 11 wild hours, fans were treated to everything from nostalgic rave classics and improvisational improvisation to dynamic live synth work and moments of blazingly fast beats.

“It’s not often that I can play for 11 hours straight. At a festival, the DJs usually only have a one-hour slot, which doesn’t always give me the opportunity to play certain songs. When you can play for 11 hours, you have the chance to take a complete journey through music. That’s why I decided to create my own festival experience. I am extremely grateful to everyone who believed in the concept and to all the fans who bought tickets. Live NOW sold out and it was great to have 12,500 visitors.

With Live NOW Festival now in the rearview mirror, Reinier Zonneveld is taking his sound back on the road, with upcoming dates across Europe, as well as performances across the United States.

About Reinier Zonneveld

Techno giant, Reinier Zonneveld is known for his unique live sets, highly respected for his marathon sets. Its own imprint Filth On Acid is one of the bestselling and most supported labels in the electronic scene with releases from Carl Cox and many others, the label claims the top spot from time to time as a top label tech on Beatport. After becoming a resident of the legendary Awakenings and Time Warp, he goes one step further by starting his own Festival. The Live NOW festival is nothing out of the ordinary; Zonneveld will be the only artist on the bill and will play for 11 hours straight. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is exactly what Reinier Zonneveld does best.

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