Report: You wanted to name your album after Hitler

Ye (formerly known as Kanye West)’s anti-Semitism predates the current controversy surrounding the rapper, as he wanted to name his 2018 album after Adolf Hitler, CNN reported Thursday.

CNN cited several unnamed sources close to the artist, including a business executive who said Ye would “praise Hitler by saying how amazing it was that he was able to amass so much power and talk of all the great things he and the Nazi Party did for the German people.

The executive quit his role with Ye over workplace complaints (including harassment) and reached a settlement with the musician, according to CNN.

Rather than “Hitler”, the 2018 album was eventually released as “Ye”.

On Tuesday, film and TV studio MRC announced it would be ending plans to distribute its recently completed Kanye West-themed documentary.

Professional athletes Jaylen Brown and Aaron Donald also quit Donda Sports, Ye’s agency, following the anti-Semitic remarks.

Forbes reported that Ye’s net worth rose from $2 billion to $400 million after German sporting goods giant Adidas ended its “Yeezy” brand partnership with the rapper.

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