Riverside Performance Guided Tour Planned – Times-Standard

Dirt & Glitter will present “In Our Veins: a Guided Riverside Performance Tour” August 13-14 at the South Fork of the Smith River. This immersive guided tour experience on the Smith River features contemporary dance, music, and comedy performances.

Directed by artist Lauren Godla, “In Our Veins” will feature eight acts by local and regional artists from all walks of contemporary performance. Members of the public will be rafted through the remote South Fork Smith Canyon by adventure outfitters Redwood Rides and ushered in shows along the banks of the river. “In Our Veins” opens the inaugural season of Dirt and Glitter and is the first tour of its kind to be offered by the company.

Performance-adventure tours begin at 3 p.m. on both days. Capacity is limited to 30 seats per show. Early bird ticket prices start at $120. Regular tickets cost $150 for adults and $135 for children and are available at https://www.dirtandglitter.org.

Star performers and co-producers Godla and Madeline Lawder will perform “Two Suns,” a high-flying vertical dance duo from the side of Second Bridge as part of “In Our Veins.”

Godla said, “In Our Veins is an exploration of what’s possible when you merge the worlds of art and adventure. I consider the earth as a living body and the human body as part of the earth. This performance aims to honor the immense beauty, strength and vulnerability that resides within our personal and collective vascular system and to honor the waters that will literally hold the audience on their journey through the show.

Godla is a performance artist, educator and artistic director for Dirt & Glitter, based in Gasquet. She earned her degree in exercise biology and dance from UC Davis and spent the next decade living and working in the Bay Area as an entertainer and movement educator, where her original dance-comedy performances were performed at local Bay Area theaters. She has toured and performed nationally as a dancer with Bandaloop.

Lawder is a Bay Area-based dance artist, choreographer and educator. She received her dance degree from the University of San Francisco and has performed locally and nationally for Bandaloop and Jo Kreiter/Flyaway Productions and currently works as co-producer and resident choreographer for Dirt & Glitter.

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