Rush’s Geddy Lee details the “Epic-Length” thesis for fall 2022


Rush’s Geddy Lee will publish a memoir in fall 2022, presenting an “epic tale” of his life “on and off the stage.”

The bassist documented the still-untitled HarperCollins Project in a lengthy Instagram post, detailing how the idea developed during his unexpected stint at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So how did I kill time during the pandemic? Had no idea that from March 2020 I would be locked up for over a year and a half – the longest time I had spent in Toronto since I was 19 and reached the circuit Northern Ontario bars with Rush, ”Lee wrote. Noting his other recent activities, like teaching his grandson “the intricacies of baseball and bird watching” and watching “every European mystery show ever produced,” he added: “I started writing . Words, that is to say.

Lee credits Daniel Richler, his 2018 volume collaborator Big Beautiful Book of Bass by Geddy Lee, with the trigger of the first glance back. Richler, he writes, “saw how hard I was struggling as a result of [former bandmate Neil Peart’s 2020] by the way, and tried to get me out of my blues with funny stories from his youth, daring me to share mine in return.

This process led to “obsessive” writing and rewriting, Lee scouring her memory, as well as diaries and “stacks” of photo albums. Using Richler’s advice on grammar and swearing (“I love to swear”), he created a tale that told “my childhood, my family, my parents’ survival story, my travels and all kinds. of nonsense that I spent also a lot of time obsessed.

“And Daniel said,” I think you’re writing a book. A real memory, actually, “Lee added.” To which I replied, “Hmm … I guess I am.”

While Lee is yet to announce any new music after Rush’s last tour in 2015, he’s reportedly collaborated with Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson on what the latter recently called a “super-secret project.”

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