Sam Smith’s New Collab With Kim Petras Takes Over TikTok

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith’s new collaboration with Kim Petras, titled “Unholy”, has taken over TikTok.

Grammy-winning Smith has teamed up with Petras, a German pop artist who rose to acclaim after her debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” topped several viral music charts on Spotify in 2017.

Released on Thursday, the song’s lyrics weave a narrative about infidelity and an illicit fair, with Petras seemingly playing the role of “the other woman.” For Smith, the song marks a departure from their typically emotive and moving lyrics – and features some of Petras’ irreverent tone, with references to Fendi and Balenciaga.

“Unholy” is one of many songs that have gained viral fame on TikTok – some even before the songs were released. The platform’s format makes it easy for viewers to hear a song’s catchy beat over and over again.

Petras and Smith first teased the track in August, posting a TikTok in which they dance alongside Petras to the lyrics. “I hear them whispering about the places you’ve been,” Smith sings. “And how you don’t know how to keep your business clean.”

“Mom doesn’t know dad is getting hot,” they continue. “To the Body Shop / Doing Something Ungodly.”

The video received over 29 million views and hundreds of thousands of users quickly created their own “Unholy” videos. The clip has everything from recipe videos to makeup tutorials to dance videos.

And the song received more than 10 million Spotify streams within 24 hours of its release, Smith said on Instagram.

“So excited for you to hear this, it’s unreal,” the musician wrote on Thursday. “I’ve never had so much fun making a record, so I hope you all can get weird and UNHOLY.”

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