San Diego Weekend Art Events: Art That Frames American Independence


For the weekend of July 4, a mini art tour of exhibitions by Javier Arreguin Villegas, Kim Sweeney, Andrew Alcasid, and the group exhibition ‘And We Will Sing In The Tall Grass Again’

Credit: Courtesy of Hill Street Country Club

Above: “Protegiendo La Infancia (2021)” by Javier Arreguin Villegas, a woodcut in relief, is on view at the Hill Street Country Club until August 20, 2021.

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For the 4th of July weekend, we enlisted the help of cultural and professional arts strategist Andrea “Angie” Chandler to help us organize a mini local art tour. Four visual art exhibits each suggest a broader vision of who we think of as American and what it means to have a connection to the land.

The selections feature new works currently presented by Javier Arreguin Villegas, Kim Sweeney, Andrew Alcasid and the group exhibition “And We Will Sing In The Tall Grass Again”.

Javier Arreguin Villegas: “Anticuado”

Visual art

“We are examining – with this exhibit and a few others – the many ways that Americans from different backgrounds connect to the actual physical earth here and what that complicated feeling looks like,” Chandler said.

“And that feeling really runs through Javier’s work. He uses organic materials like wood and very normal objects to tell these stories about how he explores masculinity, how he connects to the women in his life, and it uses colors and lines that would look really simple at a glance. But when you look at the story it tells, you’re really, really taken with the work. ”

The exhibit is on display at the Hill Street Country Club and features a variety of new works, much of which premiered this year. Arreguin Villegas works with woodcuts, textiles and other mixed media formats to create bold images that dig into his identity and relationships.

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“It’s quite magnificent to see in person. And her relationship with America and her values ​​is really put to the test as an artist creating work. It’s very 2021, it’s really the experience. that we all live in, ”Chandler said.

Details: To see now until August 20, 2021 by appointment, from Tuesday to Saturday. 530 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside. Release.

Save the date: “High Tea”

Music, Visual arts, Food

The Hill Street Country Club and Club Boutika fundraising gala next weekend will feature performances by Thee Sacred Souls, Irenie, T. Rexico, Chulita Vinyl Club, H / lf and The Renters, with food and refreshments.

The concert and tea will be held at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside.

“For the past nine years, they’ve used their gallery space to advocate for social justice and equality long before it became a trend. And they really wanted to think about how they presented themselves in the space. fundraising. They use [Arreguin Villegas’] exposure and the ability to reserve space for other artists, especially Thee Sacred Souls from San Diego, which caused a sensation on the music scene in 2020, in order to give all of these artists a bigger platform, then to fundraise. “said Chandler.

“They are partnering with a collective called Club Boutika, which is a collection of culinary and artisan women working together. And they use a self-help approach, which we have also seen many nonprofits and small collectives use. in 2020 to raise money supporting many different issues at the same time, so they stay very close to their mission and how they’ve functioned there in Oceanside to bring together the largest community of artists and musicians from San Diego and outside. “

Details: Sunday, July 11 at 4:23 p.m. 23 Goat Hill Dr., Oceanside. Donation / ticket levels vary from $ 0 to $ 250.

Kim Sweeney: Community Potluck and ‘Cash Only’ Closing Reception

Visual arts, Food

Kim sweeney

Artist Kim Sweeney is in residence at Art Produce in North Park and will close her “Cash Only” exhibit with a free community meal on Friday.

Sweeney’s work is influenced by food, intergenerational memory, and her identity as a second generation Cambodian-American. I first noticed her work in the Domestic Geographies exhibit at The Front, a painting titled “Fish Loop Soup,” which beautifully and absurdly showed how her American childhood coexisted with family memory.

“As we seek to find our way into community experiences, that kind of community sharing in a non-traditional space seems like a good way to go back to that,” Chandler said. “And this weekend is all about coming together with food, and communities of color have always found some really interesting ways to do that. So I can’t wait to eat delicious things and see her new one. job.”

Details: Friday, July 2, 2021 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 3139 University Ave., North Park. Release.

Andrew Alcasid: ‘Flowers and Fields’

Visual art

Art Power Equity will open the second exhibition during its curatorial residency at J. Walcher Communications, a Victorian house converted into an office in Sherman Heights. There is an opening reception and an artists’ conference on Saturday afternoon.

“In this current show with Andrew Alcasid, what we see is his very large-scale works that are scaled down. So they’re smaller, but they’re such intense colors and conversations. And that’s kind of that. what Art Power Equity looks like at their core. They try to give a platform to artists of color and other artists for people to look at their work in a different way, for their work to be in a space where they might not have been seen before, “Chandler says.” Viewers will have the chance to be very close with this work. “

Details: Artist conference at 3.30 p.m. and opening to the public from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday July 3, 2021, or by appointment until July 25. 1940 Market St., Sherman Heights. Release.

“And we will sing again in the tall grass”

Visual arts, Cinema

Read our KPBS article on this new group show at The Front Arte and Cultura in San Ysidro to find out more. The exhibition will be visible during gallery opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday from July 6.

It is about a future imagined without borders or colonial constructions like the genre.

LaRissa Rogers'

“[The works] examine the ways in which artists of color have operated outside the traditional ways of art. July is the pride in San Diego. And I think the title of the show tells us that we’re going post-genre and this conversation about the intersection of nonconforming gender identities as well as artists of color, it’s a at the forefront of the conversation about l ‘American art right now,’ Chandler mentioned.

“And as America turns 245 this weekend, it really remains to be seen how we exist and how many identities appear – the racial and class gender. So I think what happens in San Ysidro is going really live up to what we’re exploring this week and can’t wait to be there. “

Details: To see during gallery opening hours or by appointment, Tuesday to Saturday, July 6 to September 1. 147 W. San Ysidro Blvd., San Ysidro. Release.

For more artistic events, visit the KPBS / Arts calendar and sign up for the weekly KPBS / Arts newsletter. You can read more about Andrea Chandler’s Culture Mapping project here.

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