Sneaky borrowers make life difficult for bank recovery officers


Bank collectors visiting a client’s premises for loan collection would do better to bring a responsible woman and a videographer with them when performing collection rounds. This can ensure that some recalcitrant clients do not resort to underhanded means to force them to retreat hastily.

A WhatsApp video that recently went viral in banking circles underlines the importance of such precautions. It shows three or four middle-aged bank recovery workers shaken up when a client’s aggressive wife unleashes a flurry of profanity and even threatens to press charges for rape.

A routine recovery exercise nearly turned into a nightmare for bank officials. The lady apparently took offense at the way bank officials spoke with her husband and wanted them to apologize.

Although the conversation that took place between her husband and bank officials is not captured in the video, her insult is clearly seen and heard. The place where this incident took place appears to be Bengaluru as the lady spoke to them in four languages ​​- Tamil, English, Hindi and Kannada.

The lady proved too much for the officials to handle, with one almost falling at her feet when she said the “R” word. It frightened him.

A senior official at a public sector bank said that just as a female police officer or a sub-inspector is part of the police teams, it might make sense to include a woman in the bank collection teams, because some defaulting customers are adept at outwitting the banks. .

It is advisable to film the interaction with the client as this will ensure that the bankers are protected against the claims of the clients, he added.

Referring to the video, the official observed that the bank may take legal action against the lady for preventing an official from performing their duty. Under section 46A of the Banking Regulation Act 1949, “Every president, director, auditor, liquidator, director and any other employee of a banking company is considered an official for the purposes of Chapter IX of the Criminal Code. Indian. “

S Nagarajan, General Secretary of the All India Bank Officers’ Association, observed that just as a devil can quote the Scriptures for his purposes, willful defaulters also exploit loopholes in the law and resort to Machiavellian tactics to hold back the remote bank collection agents.

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