Spicy new tracks hit our ears as Maltese artists give us new sounds

Maltese artists have again been hard at work in the dark to give us some awesome tunes to vibe to.

This week we’ve gone from metal to electronica and everything in between as Lovin Malta has picked out five new releases that you absolutely must listen to.

Check them out below:

1. Liberation of Skald’Gwernika

Starting with a touch of fine Maltese art, we have ‘Gwernika’, a new version of Skald, a song inspired by Pablo Picasso’s painting Guernica.

The song is about war and its effects on soldiers, hence the title and the reference to Picasso’s painting.

In their track, Skald perfected the balance between a modern and contemporary approach to music, where progressive acoustic strings are driven by refined guitar work, and rather unique percussion instruments that give the song that originality.

At Lovin’, we loved this track, a more than worthy mention in this musical overview.

2. Delirium Release’war is blood

Our next track remains on the theme of war, but on a completely different genre.

Delirium turned up the heat with some good old fashioned metal with “War Is Blood,” which was released on March 25.

The song is about the effects of war on mental health and addresses issues such as propaganda and the manipulation of young people into going to the battlefield.

From the hard-edged growls on the vocals, with a melodic hardcore beat, made up of a few soft guitar hits, the background piano/organ is on point for any Maltese metal lover. And you should put it on your playlists immediately.

3. Minute To Midnight’ ReleaseLine

Many may remember the musical duo from their meteoric rise to fifth place on the second season of X Factor Malta. Their appearance on the show left Maltese music lovers wanting more, and now they have it: the first original song from Minute to Midnight.

If you want to listen to stunning synchronized vocals that weave dark pop through their own unique melody, then you just have to listen to this. Samira (19) and Julian (20) really outdid themselves with this one.

This song is only the first fruit of the post-pandemic period, which forced the two inseparable girls to spend three months apart. A time that served to exploit the inspiration and the courage to work on new materials.

As for the music video

4. Relikc releases’Chemical products‘ with Pamela Bezzina

Relikc and Pamela Bezzina’s new song (and music video) “Chemicals” is a catchy, soulful ballad that will become a mainstay on those quiet, chilly nights spent at home…perhaps over a glass of wine .

Featuring Pamela Bezzina, who has an established soul and gospel lineup, the artists went to throw a banger.

The clip was filmed at the Valletta Archaeological Museum in collaboration with Heritage Malta and features a string quartet alongside the band and singer.

A truly wonderful fusion of art that satisfies all the senses. We need more of this music, sooner rather than later.

5. Shaun Farrugia and Martin Garrix come out’Stars light

Maltese artist Shaun Farrugia has released his latest track featuring the man, the myth, the legend himself: Martin Garrix.

Never before has Malta’s name flown so high in the music world as Farrugia has collaborated with one of the biggest names in the industry.

The song “Starlight” was released on April 14, and the track is now available to stream on music platforms.

You just can’t pass this one up. Check it out now.

6. Dear Camilleri comes out’My Rajtnix

And now, something a little softer, but still lively and eye-catching.

Ma Rajtnix is ​​the second single from Maltese singer and songwriter Cher Camilleri. It is part of his first sound album to be released later this year via Ultralow Music.

The song is a simple representation of everything the artist stands for. A high tempo track for relaxing vibes. And a matching music video.

Bonus: leaving Belau’dream state‘ with Akacia

Although not Maltese, Belau is one of the most promising electronic newcomers to the European music scene, with over 200 live performances in 25 countries.

Their first album, “The Odyssey”, won the Hungarian Grammy in the category “best electronic music album”.

The new electronic version of Belau comes with a music video that gives love to Malta. Scenes from Malta’s silent city, Mdina, and several shots were taken on the country’s distinct shores of beaches.

Alongside a chill electronic beat, the production is a true work of art.

Without a doubt, these songs must end up in your next Spotify playlist. Whether it’s the one you listen to in the car, at the gym, or at home with friends.

Featured photo credit: Delirium Facebook page and Relikc Facebook page.

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