Spider-Man’s Web Wings Should Be A Part Of His Costume


When Spider-Man was originally created, his costume had canvas wings that have since disappeared. However, Alex Ross proves they should make a comeback.

When Spider Man was originally created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, his costume had canvas wings which have since disappeared. While new Spider-Man Ben Reilly recently acquired a modified version of the wings for his new costume, concept art from iconic illustrator Alex Ross proves that web wings should make a permanent comeback in comics.

In recent years, Spider-Man has been reimagined several times, from his Superior Spider-Man look and the Playstation game to its Stark technological suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each ambitious new design has become popular with fans, even though Spidey’s most iconic costume is extremely specific in its details. However, the crawler has shown that he can wear a wide range of costumes that embody his personality. In Alex Ross’ book containing his work for Marvel Comics throughout his career titled the wonder, it includes a some alternate versions of Spider-Man.


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In concept art originally intended for Sam Raimi Spider Man, Alex Ross imagines the costume with the canvas wings first included by Steve Ditko. The stylish version of the jumpsuit with dark glasses and black instead of blue proves that web wings can look great. Although often abandoned by artists, the wings served a practical function in allowing Spider-Man to soar, sometimes amplifying his web swaying across town. The feature has long been forgotten by most mainstream iterations of the character, but Spider-Man 2099 AKA Miguel O’Hara has used them with his costume in the future. Artists may view the canvas wings under the arms as an unnecessary element, but they also help to set Spider-Man’s costume apart from other heroes.

Alex Ross concept for the costume depicts a more utilitarian Peter Parker, with his web slingshots visible on his wrists. It makes sense that this costume would also reinstate the wings, as they improve his ability to move from place to place in New York City. In that sense, they fulfill a vital need for Spider-Man to do his job and protect the city. Armpit webs might seem silly to some, but they often came in handy when Lee and Ditko first worked on the title. Currently, Amazing Spider-Man # 81 portrays the infamous Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly, with a new costume that includes a puffy version of the wings that allow him to fly. Written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Carlos Gomez, the new issue validates costume design in 2021.

As seen for the first time on the cover of Amazing Fantastic # 15 (1962), Spider Man swung with a thug in one hand. The task might have slowed him down a bit without the wings. Instead, the web launcher flies through town, bringing the criminal to the authorities. Like a lot of Alex Ross representations of marvel heroes, it simultaneously shows fans how they can evolve and why their initial incarnations will never get old.

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