Square Peg inspired by Millington’s muse


Square Peg acquired art historian Ruth Millington Muse, who will explore and interview the artists and muses behind some of the most famous works of art.

Editor-in-chief Mireille Harper purchased the worldwide rights in all languages ​​directly from the author. Muse will be released on April 7, 2022.

With original works of art by Dina Razin, Muse will use examples from the ancient world to the present day, telling the true stories of the muses who inspired the masterpieces of art history. From Leonardo’s studio to the covers of Vogue, Millington will discover the role of muses and delve into the real relationships the models had with the artists who immortalized them.

Harper said: “I have long been an admirer of Ruth Millington’s writings on women in art. In this powerful book, the art historian, critic, and writer seeks to subvert limited notions of what muses are “supposed” to look like and deconstruct these reductive stereotypes, reframing muses into important and empowered agents of the the history of art. From job center supervisors to modern icons like Grace Jones, Tilda Swinton and Beyoncé, Muse will speak to readers who love art, history and culture, but especially to those who love to learn and recognize the power of discovering these brilliant figures and the enormous contributions they have made, not only to our vision of the art, but also to the way we observe the world. “

Millington commented, “I’m so excited that my first book is being published by Square Peg / Vintage! For too long, lopsided narratives have created fictionalized notions of the passive and helpless muse. This book challenges these stereotypes and instead celebrates these remarkable individuals. whose immense contributions have changed the history of art, from the Renaissance to the present day. It is an absolute honor to collaborate on this book with such a formidable editor as Mireille Harper, the Vintage team and artist Dina Razin, who brings Muse to life with its inspiring illustrations. “

Razin added: “My collaboration with Square Peg / Vintage as an illustrator for Muse, beautifully written by wonderful author Ruth Millington, has been a dreamy creative journey. It has been a pleasure working with the amazing Editor-in-Chief Mireille Harper and the Vintage team whose support has been incredible. “

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