Steven reportedly sent fan obscene snap while dating Alina


Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé had accused Steven of demanding their private photos. Now, an alleged message from Steven proves his indecent behavior.

Steven Johnston was reportedly caught sending explicit Snapchat photos to random women while dating Alina, to whom he was engaged. 90 day fiancé: the other way season 3. Steven, originally from Utah, made a lot of promises to Alina even though he confirmed he cheated on her and lied about being a virgin. Meanwhile, Steven’s hypocrisy was exposed by Alina herself, but she miraculously forgave him after he proposed to her with a sparkling ring on a baot. While 90 day fiancé Fans remain angry with Russian illustrator Alina for her naivety, they also apparently found proof that he wasn’t deleting his social media and kept messaging other girls.

The unofficial villain of 90 day fiancé: the other way season 3, Steven has shown various signs of uncertainty about making Alina his wife. Steven admitted he had dates a month before moving to Turkey with Alina, as he felt they weren’t exclusive. Suspicion got the better of Alina when she asked her friend Masha to flirt with Steven on Facebook, which he did, falling into her trap. And although he claims to have deleted his social media accounts, several women have now accused Steven of demanding their private photos online. A screenshot with comments from the women claiming Steven asked for their nudes has been circulating online. However, there is no evidence that this was in fact the 90 day fiancé Star.

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A Reddit user u / CountryGirlAF on the 90 day fiancé subreddit shared a photo of an obscene Snapchat post allegedly sent by Steven. “You all wanted proof that Steven always cheated“The person wrote and explained that”The photo on the right was taken by one of her victims from another phone after she realized he was trying to rape her. “The person mentioned that the photo was taken in September and also that Alina, who is gradually losing the support of the fans, was conveyed in the same way as”evidence.“The photo shows Steven with his tongue sticking out indecently and the caption reads:”Sorry I’m so tired when we text! I was very busy the only time I have is early in the morning when I wake up for the first time.

Steven Alina Piano as 90 day fiancé

Steven would then have added: “Haha did I tell you I have a really long tongue? but i’m not used to it much. “In the comments, fans seem repelled by the post Steven reported and wonder how he could even think he was.”dredger.Fans have observed that Steven may be trying to find women who may not have had much experience in relationships and fall into the trap of the act of innocence he plays. However, fans are aware of Steven’s ancient gas-lighting techniques and it’s now predicted that if he admits the snap was sent by him, “He will try to turn it into something innocent like he talked about eating ice cream”Noted u / anniemalplanet.

Alina confessed that since she and Steven met on social media, she’s worried that he might woo many other women in the same way. But as Steven tries to make her special and shows he loves her every time he hurts her, Alina accepts his apologies. Given that Steven is still with Alina at the moment, even if she confronts him with these alleged messages, he will surely find a way to convince her with one of his tactical gifts. So far, Alina has been blinded by first love Steven and that could add to the ever-growing list of red flags he so proudly waves.

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Source: u / CountryGirlAF / Reddit, u / anniemalplanet / Reddit

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