Sunday bird droppings: Orioles will try to win one for moms


Hello friends.

It won’t all be fun days on the way between now and the Orioles rebuilding project reaching a better phase. We can all remember it, especially when there are games like last night to remind us. There wasn’t much fun about it – especially since the disappointing loss involved a throwing hope that we had been hoping for for several seasons, Zac Lowther, getting bombed in his first MLB start. .

If you’re looking for the not-so-good 11-6 loss totals, check out Stacey’s recap. The game involved Pat Valaika throwing, so, you know. There probably won’t be many good results for the Orioles that involve this scenario.

It will also be part of the reality of reconstruction. Some of the players we’ve invested in over the years aren’t going to work out in the end. There is no reason to panic just because Lowther had a bad game. There will be bumps along the way, even for those who are training. We can hope that he has learned something and can apply it in the future. Until then, reconstruction is reconstruction.

Another young pitcher has a chance at the Red Sox today. It’s Dean Kremer. We’ve seen a bit of Kremer already this year and last, and it hasn’t been great for him so far either. Kremer sits with a 5.67 ERA across nine starts in the big league. It doesn’t mean he’s a failure either, but it’s harder to figure out how far away here and a brighter future is as long as pitchers like Kremer are on the wrestling bus. And in the meantime, there are scores in the minor leagues to get us excited, so hopefully.

A win would be good because beating the Red Sox is good. Avoiding a three-game losing streak is also good. And winning for Birdland Moms would be nice too. There was a rather infamous Mother’s Day game against the Red Sox that doesn’t need to be mentioned beyond that hint. At least moms who go to today’s game will have a nice scarf no matter what.

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If there’s one lesson from the Dan Duquette era that carries over into the Mike Elias era, it’s that the last place on the roster ride can turn at any time for reasons that aren’t. immediately apparent.

Ryan Mountcastle on his attack (Steve Melewski)
Mountcastle got three hits on Friday night which was good, but took a 0 for 4 last night. It will take a lot more good games to get its OPS, currently .558, in a place worth getting excited about.

Orioles birthdays and anniversaries

Now in 1987, Eddie Murray hit home both sides of the plate for a second straight game. This has never happened before in MLB history. The Orioles won both games, 7-6 and 15-6, beating the White Sox.

There are a few ancient Orioles who were born on this day. They are 2018-19 infielder Jace Peterson, 1979 six-man Tom Chism and 1984 twelve-man Ron Jackson. Today is Jackson’s 68th birthday, so another happy birthday for him.

Is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday! Your birthday friends for today include: Abolitionist John Brown (1800), Peter Pan Creator JM Barrie (1860), Musician Billy Joel (1949), Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn (1960), Hockey Hall of Famer Steve Yzerman (1965), and actress Rosario Dawson (1979).

On this day in history …

In 1386 England and Portugal signed the Treaty of Windsor, establishing a diplomatic alliance that has remained intact ever since. It is the oldest such alliance in the world.

In 1941, during World War II, a German submarine, U-110, was captured. The submarine contained an Enigma-generating cipher machine used by Germany and proved crucial to Allied cryptographers who ended up breaking German codes.

In 1974, impeachment proceedings began against President Richard Nixon for his involvement in the cover-up of the Watergate robbery.


And that’s how it is at Birdland on May 9th. Have a good Sunday. Come on O!

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