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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The “Taiwan NOW” art exchange program will kick off on Saturday, October 2, combining virtual and real spaces in Taiwan and Japan to showcase collaborative works by artists from both countries.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Culture (MOC), the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) and the Cultural Taiwan Foundation (TCTF) have been planning the event for more than two years. It was originally scheduled alongside the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will now run from October to December, reported Radio Taiwan International (RTI).

Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association representative Izumi Hiroyasu speaks at the Taiwan NOW press conference. (CNA photo)

The program is themed “Flower and Blessings” and will include works in fields such as modern art, music and theater. During the press conference for Taiwan NOW, the representative of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Izumi Hiroyasu, said the theme reminded her of Taiwan’s gift of white lilies to Japan every year since the earthquake of 311 in 2011, adding that “Japan only shares such a delicately caring friendship with Taiwan,” according to CNA.

NCAF President Lin Man-li (林曼麗), who planned the event, was quoted by UDN saying, “We believe that a truly successful cultural exchange shouldn’t just convey the one-way message of ‘who I am’. What is more important is to understand and respect each other and even to go further to co-create and co-produce, forge links and share “who we are”.

Taiwanese and Japanese artists collaborate on 'Taiwan NOW'
Taiwanese artist Lee Ming-wei creates a Japanese version of his internationally acclaimed performance “Our Labyrinth”. (Photo from Taiwan NOW)

The exhibition series will begin with “Fictional Garden: House of Taiwan,” presented by the Taiwan Design Center at the Good Design Marunouchi in Tokyo. The exhibition will present works combining Taiwanese design and social issues, and the six forums accompanying the event have already seen more than 800 people register.

The next event will take place at the Kitte Mall next to Tokyo Station from October 30 to November 14, according to RTI. In the Kitte courtyard, Taiwanese artist Michael Lin (林明弘) will join Japanese architects from Atelier Bow-Wow to present an installation titled “Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020)”, featuring everyday objects such as stools and tables infused with traditional Taiwanese fabric patterns. .

Taiwanese and Japanese artists collaborate on 'Taiwan NOW'
Michael Lin and Atelier Bow-Wow will present “Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020)” in the Taiwan NOW program. (Photo from Taiwan NOW)

Another Taiwanese artist, Lee Ming-wei (李明維), will present a Japanese version of his performance work “Our Labyrinth” on the second and third floors of the mall. On the opening day, Japanese dancers will perform the dance “Floating Flowers” ​​by Taiwanese choreographer Benson Tsai (蔡博承).

In December, Japanese artist Yanagi Miwa will debut Taiwan’s new opera “Aphrodite Orchid” at the Weiwuying National Center for the Arts, reported RTI. The work was inspired by Phalaenopsis aphrodite, a type of orchid found in southern Taiwan, and will be co-presented by the three largest Taiwanese opera troupes: Hsiu-chin Opera Troupe, Chun-mei Opera Troupe and Ming Hwa Yuan Tian Drama Troupe.

Taiwanese and Japanese artists collaborate on 'Taiwan NOW'
Image from Taiwan NOW’s “Taiwanese” virtual concert. (Animated photo MoonShine)

The online part of Taiwan NOW will take place on October 30 and will be divided into four sections: a virtual atrium, a music hall, a theater and a cinema. In the atrium, the public will be greeted by the “Human Flower”, co-created by JL Design, Wu Chung-lun (吳仲倫) and Wang Hsi-wen (王希文), while the music hall will offer a “Taiwanese” concert “. co-created by Lee Hsin-yun, CEO of Kaohsiung Music Center (李欣芸), MoonShine Animation and former Disney host Dolce Wang (王舒 音).

The virtual theater will present an experimental audiovisual work titled “Roaming Transmigration”, co-created by Golden Melody Best Band singer, Sunset Rollercoaster, Tseng Kuo-hung (曾 國 宏) and Taiwanese American musician Alex Zhang (張洪泰). The cinema was co-created by NAXS Corporation and the Digital Art Foundation and will feature videos, animation and short films by Taiwanese artists.

Taiwanese and Japanese artists collaborate on 'Taiwan NOW'
Taiwan Virtual Theater NOW will present an experimental audiovisual work titled “Roaming Transmigration”. (photo MOC)

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