‘The Batman’ Movie Definitely Restores Gotham’s Gothic Glory


Batmans come and go, but the ring Batman’s in the movies hasn’t changed for almost 20 years. But all good things must end. Get ready for a new twist on the caped crusader, thanks to Michael Giacchino’s overtly Gothic score for the film directed by Matt Reeve The batman coming in 2022.

What happened? – In a brief teaser video shared on Twitter for Batman Day (September 18, 2021), film composer Michael Giacchino shared a few seconds of his ongoing musical theme for The batman, the next Batman film set for theatrical release on March 4, 2022.

“Happy #BatmanDay all people !! “Giacchino wrote in the post.” We have worked hard and can’t wait to share what we have done !! ”

The composer also tweeted the hashtag #DCFanDome, a hint that there will be more teasers during the DC FanDome virtual event on October 16.

Gothic roots – I’m not a professional musician, so I can’t break down the theory behind the sound of Giacchino’s work at a fundamental level.

But as a listener, I can say that Giacchino’s music echoes the gothic sound that defines the collaboration between composer Danny Elfman and director Tim Burton, whose 1989 film Batman remains a cultural reference. Giacchino’s Sheet Music May Also Remind Batman Fans Of Emmy Winner’s Music Batman: The Animated Series. Elfman contributed to the series as the songwriter of the theme song.

Giacchino’s use of brass, strings and heavy percussion is a detour from the dominant sound of Batman since 2005 Batman begins – the work of Hans Zimmer. The composer used a hybrid mix of orchestral, electronic and rock music for his and James Newton Howard’s scores for Christopher Nolan’s film trilogy, as well as for Zack Snyder’s 2016 film. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when Zimmer also teamed up with electronic musician Junkie XL.

Unlike Zimmer and Howard’s music, Giacchino’s piece sounds more classic in spirit, evoking Batman’s roots in pulp fiction and comics. The batman is still a modern take on the classic character, but Reeves seems determined to take inspiration from Batman’s origins as a detective rather than a superhero titan like DC characters Darkseid or Wonder Woman.

“The hell you were meant to be?” “- Giacchino’s work is somewhat surprising considering what we’ve already seen of The batman.

In 2020, the trailer for the film premiered at the first DC FanDome. The footage clip was set to a dark, gloomy version of “Something in the Way” by grunge rock band Nirvana. The sound evokes a modern, clean aesthetic take on Batman and indicates Matt Reeves’ very special take for the character who feels utterly fresh even to some longtime fans.

It was an interesting choice. Apart from a Smashing Pumpkins song for the unpopular Batman and robin in 1997, grunge rock was rarely associated with Batman. The genesis of the genre grunge in the Pacific Northwest subcultures also does not match the rarefied origins of Bruce Wayne, whose generational wealth is rooted in a pre-colonial northeast. (Gotham City is canonically in New Jersey.)

But Batman doesn’t need orchestral music either. Pop artists from Prince to Male method have made music for the Batman movies. Recently for DC Black knights comics in which Batman battles evil versions of himself, Warner Music has released a full banger of a heavy metal album to accompany the writing.

In an interview with CinemaBlend released in 2020, Giacchino says the editors of the trailer for The batman chose the song Nirvana, finding that it fits perfectly with Giacchino’s orchestral Batman theme.

“I think we just got lucky when it came time to make the trailer,” Giacchino said.

“We were very lucky that [my main theme] just, it was perfectly against that song, you know? It was one of those things that they sent it to me, and they thought, “Should we fill it up any more?” And I’m just like ‘I don’t know. It sounds pretty good as it is and the way it’s sort of layered. ‘”

“We gave them a few things to add, but not much at all. I feel like they did a really good job with this trailer. It was a great way to say, “This is your next Batman. “

The Reverse Analysis – Like other enduring entities of pop culture such as James Bond and Star Trek, Batman is a chameleon, able to adapt to the nuances of the times while remaining unmistakably, irrevocably Batman. So far the sound of Michael Giacchino The batman the sheet music sounds classic, but it’s not out of date at all. Batman’s sheet music was experienced in the form of Hans Zimmer’s grunge and creative hybrid music, but there is always room for something timeless in the canon.

The batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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