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HBO Cancellation had one of the best castings of the year in 2020 when it comes to new TV series, featuring Hollywood film and TV heavyweights with careers stretching back decades and having seen many success.

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It also included talented, head-turning newcomers like Noah Jupe, who had previously mesmerized viewers in the film. A quiet place, and Matilda De Angelis, an Italian actress who stole every scene she was in. Whether they’re A-listers or newcomers, every member of the cast has some interesting facts about them that aren’t well known to the general public.

ten Nicole Kidman: her Hawaiian name is Hōkūlani

Grace Canceled 9

Of course, everyone knows that Kidman, a Hollywood film actor who has since turned to television, is Australian, has four Oscar nominations and one victory, was ranked among the highest paid actresses several years in a row, was married to Tom Cruise and is now married to Keith Urban.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that she was actually born in Hawaii, not Australia, as her parents were living there on student visas when she was born. His Hawaiian name is actually HōkÅ«lani, which translates to “celestial star”. And the name was apparently inspired by the birth of a baby elephant that was born at the Honolulu Zoo around the same time.

9 Hugh Grant: Had a decades-long feud with Robert Downey Jr.

Hugh Grant as Jonathan

Grant has had iconic roles, including in films like Four weddings and a funeral and Bridget Jones Diary. His role in this series takes a sinister turn, but he succeeds wonderfully.

There’s a lot about Grant out there, but one of the lesser-known facts is that he had a long feud with fellow actor Robert Downey Jr. There wasn’t a real fight. between them, just mutual dislike. After Downey Jr. said harsh words about Grant during an interview with Hollywood Correspondent, the couple finally took to Twitter. bury the ax publicly, once and for all.

8 Edgar Ramirez: he speaks five languages

Detective Mendoza The Undoing

Before his recurring role in this series, Ramirez gained attention for playing Gianni Versace in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. But he also has other great credits to his name, including Carlos, zero dark thirties, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

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Fun fact about him: Thanks to his family who traveled extensively when he was young, Ramirez is actually fluent in five different languages. He speaks Spanish and English as well as French, Italian and German.

7 Noah Jupe: his mother was on Coronation Street

The Henry who undoes

With a promising career ahead of him, Jupe already has some big credits to his name, including The Night Manager, Suburbicon, Wonder, A Quiet Place, Ford v Ferrari, and Honey Boy. Still, fans don’t know much about this teenager yet.

An interesting fact to know about the British actor is that his mother is actually an actor as well. She took part in one of the most important and longest-running British soap operas, Coronation Street where she played Julie Carp from 2008 to 2015.

6 Lily Rabe: she was in two episodes of Law & Order

Sylvia's defeat

Tony Award nominated actor and veteran of the american horror story family, Rabe has taken an interesting turn in this series. She was a wonderful addition to the cast and one of the friendliest characters.

What is there to know about her? Most of the actors who were booming in the early 2000s have appeared in at least one crime drama as an uncredited or small part, and Rabe is no exception. She appeared in an episode of Law and order: criminal intent in 2005 called “Scared Crazy” after Siena Boatman. The following year she appeared in the sister series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in an episode title “Recall”. Her character’s name was Nikki.

5 Matilda De Angelis: she is a musician

Elena from The Undoing looking at herself in the mirror

While her acting skills are huge, with this whole series centered around who killed her character, De Angelis is a talented musician as well. Born and raised in Italy, she plays the violin and the guitar, two instruments she has been playing since the age of 13.

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She also sings in a group called Rumba de Bodas, who released an album called Karnaval Fou in 2014. Acting was not her goal, but she was discovered when the director of a film contacted her after seeing her photos on Facebook because he needed an actor with a very specific Italian dialect play a role.

4 Edan Alexander: He was in two and a half men

the loss of Jonathan and Miguel

He wasn’t in many scenes as a young Miguel Alves, and he was the least suspicious of the characters for being the potential murderer. But the scenes he was in really showed this young man’s tremendous talents and touched the hearts of viewers. Obviously this was not his first acting gig: Alexander also appeared in Succession and a handful of other series.

One of these series is actually a successful series: Two and a half men. If he looks familiar, it’s because he’s the same actor who played Louis Schmidt, Walden and Alan’s adopted son in the show’s final season.

3 Michael Devine: he really was a policeman

Michael Devine and Edgar Ramirez in The Undoing

Devine played a detective in this series, which is quite close to reality since was a detective sergeant in real life, in conjunction with the New York Police Department (NYPD). It might help explain why he was so convincing in the role.

Interestingly, the actor is no stranger to the idea that art imitates life as he has also played a cop on a long list of other shows and movies, including The Wolf of Wall Street, Law & Order, Blue Bloods, and Orange is the new black.

2 Donald Sutherland: he doesn’t have an Oscar

The Undoing Franklin

It’s no secret that the longtime actor is Jack Bauer’s father himself, Kiefer Sutherland (the eerie likeness is a dead gift, too). It’s also no secret that he’s Canadian and was married to actor Shirley Douglas (Kiefer’s mother).

But what many fans may not know is that the Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee is one of many incredible actors with a career spanning over 50 years that has never won an Oscar. He has won an Emmy, several Golden Globes, and other awards. And he got an honorary Oscar, but he still hasn’t got an Oscar.

1 Ismael Cruz Cordova: He will be in the Lord of the Rings

The Puerto Rican actor is captivating on screen as a young father who displays a wide variety of emotions throughout the series. Indeed, he is only just beginning his career with his first acting gig in the 2003 film. Stray bullet. He is also known for his role in the Showtime series Ray donovan and like Mando on Sesame Street.

Cordova has been confirmed to play a role in Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming original series The Lord of the Rings, based on the novel by JRR Tolkien. Scheduled to premiere in 2021, it is still unclear who he will play.

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