The Knocks and Dragonette release music video for “Slow Song”

Shots collaborate with longtime friend and talented artist Dragonette for their latest release, “Slow Song”!

New York-based electronic duo Shots worked hard in the studio last year. The two gave fans a taste of what they’ve been working on ahead of the release of their third studio album, Storyoutside April 29. So far, The Knocks have released three singles in the form of “HIGH RU” with MallratBody“, and their latest version”slow songwhich sees the duo reconnect with Dragonette for whom they opened one of their first tours in 2012.

A full-loop moment, “Slow Song” combines their seasoned skills a decade later – and while it may have been slow in the title, it will surely get you moving fast. The track begins with a funky catchy bass line recorded by Blu DeTiger. The bassline is an important part of the melody, keeping the vibes high throughout the track. After the intro bars, Dragonette’s dreamy pop voice enters and accompanies the bass line in perfect harmony. Every aspect of the song, from Blue DeTiger’s bassline to the brilliance of Nick Brown’s drum production, St. Lucia’s Rossi on guitar and The Knocks’ signature disco sound, results in a serious song. and agreeable.

The accompanying music video directed by austin peters. It features Aquariums, winner of the tenth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and begins by closing up shop at her day job before hitting the streets to release stress through dancing. Aquaria performs a beautifully choreographed dance routine through the streets of Mexico City and ends up in a club where The Knocks and Dragonette are performing.

Embracing the vibe of the floor, Aquaria takes the empty dance floor and brings it to life with her energy, later joined by other club patrons. In the end, Aquaria reluctantly returns to her day job at the pharmacy, reminding us to always hunt anything that sets our hearts on fire.

“Slow Song” is a great example of how our music has matured, touching on some of our favorite influences, from disco to rock to dance. Work with Martin [Dragonette] and making a record together is coming full circle, because our very first tour as The Knocks was with Dragonette.


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The Knocks (with Dragonette) - Slow Song

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