The Laurel Ave estate. could welcome artists in residence

“Tara” at 1343 N. Laurel. (Photo by Jon Viscott)

The 102-year-old estate on Laurel Ave. could one day be a home for artists in residence as the WeHo Historic Preservation Commission reviews plans this week for the future of the property.

The house at 1343 Laurel was built in 1917 and was designated a Local Cultural Resource in 1994. The front and side yards of the property have been used as a public park since 2011.

Elsie Weisman donated the 7,000 square foot house and surrounding property to the city in 1997 with the verbal stipulation that the property will not be developed. Although Weisman never put this stipulation in writing, the late council member Sal Guarriello, who was mayor at the time of the transfer of ownership, confirmed that it was Weisman’s wishes during a council meeting in 2006. .

By then the city had moved forward with plans to construct two buildings with 21 units plus underground parking at the rear of the property and also turn the main house and driver’s house into seven additional units for a total of 28 apartments on the property. The city had even received a $4.2 million grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to build the project.

However, Weisman’s son, Richard Weisman, as well as Allegra Allison, a longtime resident of the house affectionately known as “Tara” (because that was the name of the house in the house’s favorite movie Elsie Weisman, “Gone with the Wind”), filed a lawsuit against the city.

That lawsuit went all the way to the California Supreme Court, which in 2008 ruled that the city had failed to get enough public comment on the project. The city had already applied for the HUD grant before holding the first public meeting regarding the property; therefore, the court ruled that the public process was only a justification for a predetermined decision.

In 2019, City Council approved the completion of a feasibility study into possible uses for Laurel House. On Tuesday, Historic Preservation will review the most recent plans for the property, which include:

  • renovating the first floor of the main house and grounds to support an art gallery and community gathering space.
  • repurpose garage space into artist studios or performing arts rehearsal spaces.
  • renovate the outdoor grounds to create a small performance hall and/or a sculpture garden.
  • renovate and designate the second floor of the main house into four unique artist-in-residence accommodations.
  • study the feasibility of relocating the City archives in the carriage shed and integrating a reading room there
  • continue to maintain the passive dog area as part of the overall site design


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