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HYDERABAD: Imagine a world, even a movie, without sound. What a sad place that would be! Sound makes everything more real and relatable, says independent filmmaker Gautam Pemmaraju. In a virtual conference called Sonic Legacies, organized by the Foundation for Arts and Cultural Education (FACE), the filmmaker said: “The sounds of streams, rain and waterfalls create white noise to induce sleep. Some like the sound of a ceiling fan; sometimes they can’t sleep without.

“Sound is emblematic in linguistic characteristics. We all grew up listening to the flat and flat sounds of Indian cinema, ”recalls the filmmaker. Taking the example of a beating heart, he said: “In Telugu we say lab-papa, in Hindi it is dhak-dhak, and in German it is bum-bum – whatever the language, we relate instantly. ”

He added that the sounds provide a great insight into everything that is going on around us. “Understanding sounds of all kinds helps us understand their origin and nature. Even words like idhar, which means here, originate from the word here.

“Birds not only produce sound with their syrinx (throat), but also with their beaks, wings and feathers, for a variety of signals. And everything in nature has shaped human speech, ”observed the filmmaker.

Gautam realized the material quality of sound when he was a “lab rat” for an audiology research project in the early 90s. “For hours, researchers played me white noise that had a low pulse. I used to wait for the weak pulse immediately after the sound fades, ”he said.

English musician David Toop, who also joined the virtual conference, said: “We live in these ecologies of sound. If we open up by listening, they overlap. I am aware of all sounds – the complex web of overlapping ecologies – the only key to understanding it is listening. The material quality of sound becomes the basis of music.

The ongoing event will run throughout December, where speakers such as behavioral ecology expert Dr Manjari Jain, musician Tharun Sekar, filmmaker Debashree Mukharjee, sound artist Unashankar Manthravadi and engineer of sound Javi Alexander will share their ideas on the world of sound.

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