This Architect Creates Detailed Illustrations of the Hotel Rooms She Stays In | News


Sequence Miyashita Park by Kei Endo. Image: Kei Endo

Architect Kei Endo has a fascinating hobby: on her travels, she measures and designs her hotel rooms, including the furniture and objects they contain, down to the smallest detail…designs them with a Rapidograph… and renders them in watercolor.—Core77

Endo, a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts with experience as a practicing architect, currently works in an environmental color planning office. Her work as an illustrator has been acclaimed, however, as she has produced a series of incredibly detailed drawings of the hotel rooms she visits.

Endo’s work can be seen on her Twitter and Instagram. She also uploads videos of her illustration process to her “Draw with KEI” YouTube channel.

Video via Draw with KEI on YouTube

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