This illustrator’s musical album is previewed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow


It’s a big day for 23-year-old Sachin Bhatt, whose years of hard work will pay off today. The Young Person’s Work, a musical album in collaboration with Indo-British musician Soumik Datta, will premiere at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow today. Entitled Songs of the Earth, the animated film – accompanied by an eight-track album – weaves together issues such as climate migration,
extreme weather conditions, ocean pollution, deforestation and sustainable fashion.

Through original narrative, songs and imagery, the 24-minute film follows the life of Asha, a young climate refugee from Bengal, as she searches for her missing father across the flooded shores of the Sundarbans Delta, the burning forests and melting polar ice caps. The film is a dedication to the Global South (refers broadly to regions of Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania) and those who have been tragically displaced by environmental crises and natural disasters.

Along with Bhatt, Anjali Kama, his former classmate, worked with Datta to draw and digitally create the film. “I had to hand draw at least 250 images for this project in two months,” Bhatt says, adding, “This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with Datta. He found me on social media two years ago and I designed album covers and so on for him.

For Songs of the Earth, Datta contacted him two months ago for a job that typically requires 10-15 people. “Actually, we thought it would be impossible, but the project was really interesting and I knew Kama would be able to help me. So I’m in Bengaluru, Datta in London and Kama in Brooklyn… we worked almost 16 hours a day to make this happen, ”says Bhatt, a graduate of the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

With the different animation styles of Kama and Bhatt, it was a challenge to merge the two and release the final product, he said, adding, “I’ve known Kama from college but we’ve never worked together. . Everyone was very cooperative so it was great, ”he says. As art director, Bhatt came up with a storyboard to get the look of the music. Illustrators took equal amounts of digital work to complete the project.

Last year, Bhatt worked on an animation for Javed Akhtar and Shankar Mahadevan’s song on Covid Affecting the Elderly. Bhatt says, “I guess, subconsciously, working on social posts has become my strong suit now. However, I still work with other artists for their music or any other digital project.

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