This is how Fey is beautiful at 48


Gorgeous: that’s how Fey looks beautiful at 48

Maria Fernanda Blazquez Gil, better known as “FeyThe Mexican pop and electronic music singer turned 48 and celebrated it with her fans on social media.

a few hours earlier, Fey He posted a video on his official account Instagram which has conquered a large part of its millions of followers around the world. We see the very smiling blonde Latina moving her hair and arms in slow motion. The singer of famous songs such as “Azúcar Amargo” and “Me enamoro de ti” wore a colorful purple dress, her hair was flowing and her face was natural, without a drop of makeup.

“Celebrate life !!! So grateful ”was the short, positive text he chose. Fey The inscription accompanying his last video is on the webcam.

As expected, this publication, whose only protagonist was the ex-wife of Alonso Orozco Soberon, quickly filled up with copies, easily crossing the 40,000 mark. In addition, the singer received hundreds of letters of praise and affection from her loyal fans, marking the anniversary of her life.

Source: Instagram Fey

Among the most important messages I have received تلقي Fey In its version is that of the Mexican television presenter, Andrea Escalona Rodriguez. “Happy birthday beauty ???? An amazing artist and human being, God has given you so much certainty, love and challenges with personal growth, I love you” was the theater actress’ heartfelt message and 34-year-old television.


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