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Today is Saturday, September 18, the 261st day of 2021. There are 104 days left in the year.

The highlight of today’s story:

On September 18, 1975, newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst was captured by the FBI in San Francisco, 19 months after being kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.

In AD 14, the Roman Senate officially confirmed Tiberius as the second emperor of the Roman Empire, succeeding the late Augustus.

In 1850, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act, which created a force of federal commissioners tasked with returning runaway slaves to their owners.

In 1851, the first edition of the New York Times was published.

In 1927, the Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting System (later CBS) made its on-air debut with a core network of 16 radio stations.

In 1947, the National Security Act, which created a national military establishment and the post of Secretary of Defense, entered into force.

In 1961, United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold (dahg HAWM’-ahr-shoold) was killed in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia.

In 1965, the sitcoms “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Get Smart” aired on NBC.

In 1970, rock star Jimi Hendrix died in London at the age of 27.

In 1990, the organized crime drama “GoodFellas”, directed by Martin Scorsese, made its US premiere in New York.

In 2001, a week after the 9/11 attack, President George W. Bush declared that he hoped to “rally the world” in the battle against terrorism and predicted that all “people who love freedom” ‘would join. Stamped letters in Trenton, NJ that later tested positive for anthrax were sent to the New York Post and NBC presenter Tom Brokaw.

In 2010, despite rocket strikes and Taliban bombing, Afghans voted for a new parliament in the first election, as a fraudulent ballot cast doubt on the legitimacy of the struggling government.

In 2014, Scottish voters rejected independence, choosing to stay in the UK in a landmark referendum. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews, Scotland has ended years of exclusive men only as its members voted overwhelmingly in favor of inviting women to join us.

Friday September 17, the 260th day of 2021. There are 105 days left in the yearar.

The highlight of today’s story:

On September 17, 1787, the Constitution of the United States was completed and signed by a majority of delegates attending the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

In 1862, over 3,600 men were killed in the Battle of Antietam (an-TEE’-tum) during the Civil War in Maryland.

In 1908, Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge of the US Army Signal Corps became the first person to die in the crash of a powered plane, the Wright Flyer, at Fort Myer, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC

In 1937, the image of President Abraham Lincoln’s head was dedicated to Mount Rushmore.

In 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland during World War II, more than two weeks after Nazi Germany launched its assault.

In 1944, during World War II, Allied paratroopers launched Operation Market Garden, landing behind German lines in the Netherlands. (After the initial success, the Allies were driven back by the Germans.)

In 1954, the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding was first published by Faber & Faber of London.

In 1971, citing health reasons, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, 85, retired. (Black, who was replaced by Lewis F. Powell Jr., died eight days after making the announcement.)

In 1978, after meeting at Camp David, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin (men-AH’-kem BAY’-gihn) and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat signed a framework for a peace treaty.

In 1980, former Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza (suh-MOH’-sah) was assassinated in Paraguay.

In 1987, the city of Philadelphia, cradle of the US Constitution, hosted a big party to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the historic document; In a speech at Independence Hall, President Ronald Reagan hailed the framing of the Constitution as a milestone “that would profoundly and forever change not just this United States, but the world.”

In 1994, Alabama’s Heather Whitestone was crowned the first Miss America Deaf.

In 2001, six days after September 11, stock prices plunged but stopped collapsing in a moving reopening and waving Wall Street flags; the Dow Jones industrial average ended the day lower from 684.81 to 8,920.70.

Ten years ago: A protest titled Occupy Wall Street has started in New York City, sparking similar protests in the United States and around the world. Charles H. Percy, 91, a Chicago businessman turned US senator and once widely regarded as one of the top presidential candidates, has died in Washington.

Five years ago: A bomb explosion rocked the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, injuring 30 people. (An American citizen born in Afghanistan was convicted of the bombing and sentenced to life in prison.)

One year ago: During a drive-thru campaign event in Pennsylvania, Democrat Joe Biden denounced President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic as “close to the criminal.” Marking the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, Trump downplayed the historic legacy of slavery in the United States and criticized efforts to combat systemic racism as a source of division. Firefighter Charles Morton, a member of an elite Hotshot team, died fighting a fire in the mountains east of Los Angeles; the fire was started when a couple used a device that purported to emit blue or pink smoke to reveal the gender of their baby. Rescuers on the Florida Gulf Coast and Alabama have used boats and vehicles on the high seas to reach those isolated by the flood waters in the wake of Hurricane Sally.

Today’s birthdays: Senator Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, is 88 years old. Retired Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter (SOO’-tur) is 82 years old. Singer LaMonte McLemore (The Fifth Dimension) is 86 years old. Retired US Marine General Anthony Zinni is 78. Basketball Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson is 76 years old. Singer Fee Waybill is 73 years old. Actress Cassandra Peterson (“Elvira, Mistress of Darkness”) is 70 years old. Actress Rita Rudner is 68 years old. Director-actor Paul Feig is 59 years old. Director Baz Luhrmann is 59 years old. Singer BeBe Winans is 59 years old. TV personality / businessman Robert Herjavec (TV: “Shark Tank”) is 58 years old. Actor Kyle Chandler is 56 years old. Director-producer Bryan Singer is 56 years old. Rapper Doug E. Fresh is 55 years old. Actor Malik Yoba is 54 years old. Rock singer Anastacia is 53 years old. Actor Matthew Settle is 52 years old. Rapper Vin Rock (Naughty By Nature) is 51 years old. Actor-comedian Bobby Lee is 50 years old. Actor Felix Solis is 50 years old. Five) is 48. Actor-singer Nona Gaye is 47 years old. The singer-actor Constantine Maroulis is 46 years old. NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson is 46 years old. Country singer-songwriter Stephen Cochran is 42. Rock musician Chuck Comeau (Simple Plan) is 42 years old. Actor Billy Miller is 42 years old. Rock musician Jon Walker is 36 years old. NHL forward Alex Ovechkin (oh-VECH’-kin) is 36 years old. Actress Danielle Brooks is 32 years old. Gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds is 32 years old. Actor-singer Denyse Tontz is 27 years old. NHL center Auston Matthews is 24.


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