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July 20

Today’s highlights


Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon after reaching the surface on the Apollo 11 Eagle lunar module.

Also on this date


The World War I U.S. Draft Draw took place when Secretary of the Army Newton Baker blindfolded, took a glass bowl, and pulled out the 258 capsule in a ceremony at the interior of the Senate building. started.


The first detachment of the Women’s Army Corps, later known as the WAC, began basic training in Fort Des Moines, Iowa.


Attempts by a group of German officials to assassinate Adolf Hitler with a bomb failed because the explosion only injured Nazi leaders. President Franklin D. Roosevelt has been appointed for his fourth term at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.


King Abdullah I of Jordan was assassinated in Jerusalem by Palestinian snipers who were shot dead on the spot by security forces.


The American robot spacecraft Viking 1 has successfully landed on Mars for the first time.

Here’s a look at Main Street in downtown Johnstown, Pa. On July 20, 1977, after the flooding began. The city was inundated by heavy rains and the collapse of the dam. The cinema on the left is the Embassy.


Flash floods in Johnstown, Pa. Killed more than 80 people and caused damage worth $ 350 million. The United Nations Security Council voted to recognize Vietnam as an organization around the world.


Justice William J. Brennan, one of the Supreme Court’s most liberal voices, has announced his resignation.


Twenty-nine people were killed in a flame initiated by a bartender doing a fire trick at an unlicensed nightclub in Lima, Peru.


President George W. Bush signed an executive order prohibiting cruel and inhuman treatment, including humiliation and contempt for religious beliefs, during the detention and cross-examination of suspected terrorists.


The House Judiciary Committee voted 13-6, almost entirely in line with party policy, to endorse Elena Kagan as the fourth female Supreme Court judge.

year 2012

Shooter James Holmes fired during a late night show at The Dark Knight Rises at a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 people and injuring 70. (Holmes was later convicted of murder and attempted murder. and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of speaking.)


The United States and Cuba have regained full diplomatic relations after more than 50 years of Cold War relations rooted in the Cold War. The UN Security Council has unanimously approved a groundbreaking deal aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program.

10 years ago: Six Republican presidential candidates tweeted during the first presidential debate on Twitter, outlining the agenda on popular social media services.

NBA star Yao Ming has announced his retirement in his hometown of Shanghai.

5 years ago: Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has weakened his call for Republican unity, stubbornly refused to support Donald Trump when he addressed the GOP in Cleveland simply “out of conscience” to the Americans in November. He unleashed a fierce boo from a fierce MP, as he advised him to vote.

The Federal Court of Appeals has ruled that Texas’ strict voter identification law discriminates between minorities and the poor and must be weakened before the November election.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared a state of emergency for three months after a failed coup attempt.

1 year ago: Scientists at the University of Oxford said early trials showed their experimental coronavirus vaccine stimulated a defensive immune response in hundreds of shot dead people.

Today’s birthday

Actress and singer Sally Ann Howes is 91 years old. Writer Cormac McCarthy is 88 years old. Former Senator Barbara A. Mikulski is 85 years old. Artist Judy Chicago is 82 years old. Rock musician John Lodge (The Moody Blues) is 78 years old. National singer TG Sheppard is 77 years old. Singer Kim Carnes is 76 years old. Rock musician Carlos Santana is 74 years old. Rock musician Jay Jay French (twist sister) is 69 years old. Rock musician Paul Cook (Sex Pistols, Man Rays) is 65. Actress Donna Dixon is 64 years old. Rock musician Mick MacNeil (Simple Mind) is 63 years old. Country singer Radney Foster is 62 years old. Actor Frank Whaley is 58 years old. Actor Dean Winters is 57 years old. Rock musician Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) is 55 years old. Actor Reed Diamond is 54 years old. Actor Josh Holloway is 52 years old. Singer Vitamin C is 52 years old. Actress Sandra Oh is 50 years old. Actor Omar Epps is 48 years old. Actor Simon Rex is 47 years old. Actress Judy Greer is 46 years old. Actor Charlie Korsmo is 43 years old. American Idol singer Elliott Yamin is 43 years old. .. Model Gisele Bundchen is 41 years old. Rock musician Mike Kennati (All-American Reject) is 41 years old. Actor Percy Dougs III is 39 years old. Actor John Francis Daley is 36 years old. Dancer, singer and actress Julianne Hough is 33 years old. Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is 33 years old.

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