Toronto artist The Weeknd releases new album ‘Dawn FM’ at midnight

The wait is coming to an end.

On Friday, The Weeknd will release “Dawn FM,” their fifth studio album and first full-length project since the 2020 blockbuster “After Hours”.

Earlier this week, the Toronto singer-songwriter shared a mysterious one-minute trailer, which describes “Dawn FM” as “a new world of sound,” and teases appearances by blockbuster Quincy Jones, rappers Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne, electronic artist and songwriter Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN) and… Jim Carrey (who just happens to be the Weeknd’s real neighbor.)

Additional details slowly filtered through the week, including the bizarre album cover with a close-up of the artist’s digitally aged face, a detailed track list and more.

Here is everything you need to know before the release of “Dawn FM”:

When can I listen?

The Weeknd will broadcast “Dawn FM” Friday at midnight. Listeners can tune into a live stream on the Amazon Music app or on the Amazon Music Twitch channel.

What can we expect?

From the illustrations, a few short teasers, and recent interviews, “Dawn FM” appears to be sort of a concept album – perhaps similar to “After Hours,” which used a psychedelic aesthetic to explore themes of hedonism. and self-loathing.

In an interview with Billboard, the Weeknd described it as follows:

“Imagine the album as if the listener is dead. And they’re stuck in this state of purgatory, which I always imagined to be like being stuck in traffic waiting to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. And while you’re stuck in traffic, they have a radio station playing in the car, with a radio host guiding you towards the traffic light and helping you get to the other side. So it might seem festive, gloomy no matter what you want to do, but that’s what The Dawn is to me.

The first single from the album, “Take my breath, ”Was released in August. The radio-ready, synth-heavy track doesn’t mark a big departure from the music for “After Hours”, nor do the brief clips featured in the album’s teasers. However, fans should expect a few surprises from the album’s wide array of musical guests.

The presence of Quincy Jones – the legendary music producer who has worked with Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and countless other artists – hints at elegant pop music, while the presence of rappers Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne hints at. to more hip hop sounds. .

Then there’s OPN, the alias of experimental producer and music composer Daniel Lopatin. The Weeknd and OPN have worked closely together over the years – OPN helped produce “After Hours”, and The Weeknd was listed as executive producer on OPN’s 2020 album “Magic Oneohtrix Point Never”. The Weeknd also appeared in the Safdie brothers film “Uncut Gems”, Which was marked by Lopatin. With OPN, fans can look forward to many unique voice changes and digital stunts.

As for Jim Carrey… we’ll just have to see.


Born Abel Tesfaye in Toronto and raised in Scarborough, The Weeknd first appeared in 2011 with the release of the “House of Balloons” trilogy. All three mixtapes – marked by dark themes and sparse production, and carried by Tesfaye’s menacing charisma – have been universally acclaimed, helping to put Toronto R&B on the map and change the genre’s trajectory for years to come.

Since then, the Weeknd has slowly drifted to the center, working with mainstream hitmakers like Max Martin, Frank Dukes and Daft Punk to establish himself as one of the biggest names in popular music.

And while his decision to take a more radio-based approach to songwriting has alienated many early fans, Weeknd’s sound occasionally returns to the raw sounds and aesthetics of his early work, exploring similar themes from toxic love and drug use.

The era “after hours”

The Weeknd reinvented their sound yet again on their fourth studio album, “After Hours”, fusing their signature style with retro elements of new wave and dream pop. The album, released in March 2020, was a major hit, topping the Billboard 200 for four weeks and double platinum.

The megahit “Blinding Lights” entered the Billboard Hot 100 on November 29, 2019 and remained there until September 11, 2021, or 90 weeks. more than any song in chart history. The track also inspired three official remixes and a TikTok challenge.

The Grammys controversy

As of May 2020, The Weeknd did not receive a single Grammy nomination, despite the massive commercial success of “After Hours” and “Blinding Lights”. The variety called him the “the biggest snub in Grammy history.

In response, The Weeknd announced that it would boycott the awards in the future, citing the role of the anonymous expert committees that make up the voting members of the Recording Academy. In A declaration he said, “Because of the secret committees, I will no longer allow my label to submit my music to the Grammys. “

Super Bowl Halftime Show

In February 2021, The Weeknd became the first Canadian to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. In line with the visual aesthetic of “After Hours”, the Weeknd (without guests) achieved a series of successes spanning the entire career dressed in a red crystal-covered blazer surrounded by spooky bandaged dancers, funhouse mirrors and a Vegas-style cityscape.

Recent singles

The Weeknd released a series of singles and collaborations in 2021, including one “Save your tears”Remix with Ariana Grande.

In June, he collaborates with Doja Cat on the song “You are right. “

Last summer, he appeared alongside Catalan singer Rosalía on “La Fama”, a contagious bachata song sung entirely in Spanish. The song will appear on Rosalía’s next album “Motomami”. The Weeknd and Rosalía have already collaborated on a Remix of “Blinding Lights”.

In December, The Weeknd teamed up with English singer-songwriter FKA Twigs for the track “Tears In The Club”.

He also appeared on the track Aaliyah “Poison“, which will appear on the upcoming posthumous album” Unstoppable “. The album will also include contributions from Drake, Chris Brown and Future. Not everyone agrees with the project.

Looking forward

The Weeknd has a big year ahead.

In summer, it will kick off the massif “After Hours til Dawn Stadium Tour, which will travel across North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. The tour will likely include at least two nights in Toronto at the Scotiabank Arena.

Tesfaye is also planning to make a jump to the big screen: he is currently working on an HBO series called “The Idol”. According to the variety, he will star and co-write the series, which follows a pop singer who begins a romance with an enigmatic LA club owner who is the leader of a secret cult. The show premiered alongside Reza Fahim and Sam Levinson.

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