TourBox Elite is a hyper-customizable Bluetooth editing controller

After a successful launch of the original TourBox in 2018, the company is back with its sequel: the TourBox Elite. This compact Bluetooth controller is designed to offer better control over editing tasks than with a keyboard alone.

The TourBox Elite is a dual-channel Bluetooth controller with a precise, lag-free control algorithm, customizable user interface, and macro controls to give editors more control over the software without having to move their hands off. only one position.

TourBox states that the Elite Controller is a cross-platform, preconfigured tool designed to support image editing applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Capture One, but can also be configured to support a host of other applications like Illustrator. , Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve. It can be used alone or in tandem with a mouse or graphics tablet and its main purpose is to streamline the workflow.

TourBox says the Elite is the industry’s first Bluetooth editing controller designed for digital creators and it plans to create what it describes as an unprecedented and compelling protocol for Bluetooth editing.

“This Bluetooth LE 5.1 ​​technology provides seamless and instant connection to your devices with perfectly consistent and strong pairing capability,” the company said. “As a dual-channel Bluetooth controller, featuring an automatic preset switch, TourBox Elite allows you to seamlessly switch between various devices and programs. This means that you can literally manage multiple programs, projects, and professions at the same time.

The company touts the TourBox Elite as being able to completely replace a keyboard when editing and does away with what it describes as “unnatural” movements. Instead of clunky keyboard controls, the TourBox uses a series of scroll wheels, dials, and buttons to activate various controls in editing apps. The TourBox Elite allows editors to make adjustments with one hand.

“You can just focus on the pictures, press the buttons, turn the knob and get the job done,” the company explains. “No more searching in the settings bar.

example of felling with tourbox elite

For elimination, TourBox shows how the Elite Controller can be used to browse, select, and rate photos quickly and easily. It can also be used to adjust parameters such as exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights by turning the knob. Buttons can even be calibrated for different speeds depending on an editor’s needs and personal workflow.

All of the functions of the TourBox Elite can be customized to perform different tasks depending on the program being used, and this level of control extends to every button and dial on the device.

Since there are no physical scale marks on the TourBox Elite’s rotary knobs (and they can be tailored for specific users), feedback is instead provided by an internal vibration motor with haptic feedback. It can also be disabled or configured according to the level of choice of an individual user.

elite tourbox haptic feedback

“TourBox Elite incorporates the industry’s first broadband motor, providing an immersive and subtle simulated touch,” the company says. “Traditional motors are characterized by low humidity, high elasticity and slow response. In contrast, the innovative broadband vibration motor features quick start and stop with precise and quick response, making it perfect for simulating haptic touch.

The TourBox Elite is currently available on Kickstarter and had already achieved its goal at the time of publication. Support options start at as low as $ 196 and the company plans to ship completed TourBox Elite controllers by February 2022.

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