Up-and-Coming Artist JoCo Releases Brand New Track “Silly” That Wows Listeners Soompi

The Skilled Rapper JoCo made a name for himself in the music industry in such a short time thanks to his talent. He made quite a few followers and listeners at that time who enjoyed the rappers’ releases. With his exceptional talent and rapping skills, he took the genre to a whole new level. As an independent artist, he alone succeeded in writing, composing and producing all his songs which speak volumes about the art and talent of the rapper. He recently released a brand new track called Idiotwhich is a fine example of a relaxing, laid back, enjoyable track with quirky rap verses.

The rapper has been appreciated since the release of his last track. The production of this track is extremely catchy, the more you listen to it, the more you want to listen to it again and again. It is filled with energy, creating a fun environment for the audience. The theme follows the same fun energy that reflects JoCoThe real intention to make a fun piece that everyone can relate to. Idiotas a track, is not to be taken seriously but should be taken seriously because it says a lot about the skills of the rapper.

The verses of the song are well written, filled with catchy words and entertainment that captivates listeners. With all the vibe of the song, the artist managed to create an energetic and idiosyncratic vibe for the audience which can be explained as addictive in one word. The rapper’s vocal performance is also commendable and goes perfectly with the song’s theme and production.

JoCo gave similar performances in his other songs such as ‘What If’, ‘Dreamlapse’, ‘Work’, ‘Cold Off The Press’ etc. The rapper’s entire catalog is available on Spotify and SoundCloud so don’t wait and go listen to it. You can also follow the artist on instagram for further updates.

Song link: https://open.spotify.com/track/4KUhD5QER6bhBSX21XIUxN

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