Vehicle sirens and horns in India will soon be replaced by melodious instrument sounds


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, during a recent inspection visit, announced that the sound of sirens and horns from vehicles across the country will soon be replaced by melodious instruments. According to reports, an order will soon be issued to use music composed by a German musician to replace the squeaky sound of vehicles. It is said that work on the same has started and more announcements will be made soon.

He added that the sounds emitted by the Indian musical instruments like tabla, harmonium, flute, conch (shankh) are melodious in nature and therefore would be installed in place of the existing sound. This should reduce noise pollution in the country, the minister said.

The decision was announced on September 26, 2021, during a visit to Dausa, Rajashtan, where he reviewed the progress of existing work.

Meanwhile, sharing information about the project, He said about four crores of trees would be planned on the sides of the Delhi-Mumbai Greenfield highway, which will help control pollution. The project has been planned at a cost of 90,000 INR crore, will be controlled by axis without pedestrian access. When completed, it will be of great benefit to the people of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

In the meantime, the river project in Pune has also been approved. In addition to this, a road from Wagholi to Shirur has also been planned with three levels. Further planning and approvals for the same are being discussed with the government. A project linking Nariman Point to Mumbai and Delhi is also under consideration and a meeting will soon be held with the state government to discuss it.

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