VOXI’s digital artist likes to “attract people from all walks of life”

VOXI chose Anna Featherstone’s colorful designs to feature on their t-shirts and digital wallpaper. We caught up with the budding artist to chat.

Anna Featherstone, 23, a digital designer living and working in Leeds, was delighted to be contacted by VOXI after entering their Eyes On contest.

Although she didn’t win the public vote, the judges loved her work and chose her designs to feature on t-shirts and other merchandise that will be sent to some lucky VOXI customers.

“It was such a shock to be chosen!” Anne said. “It was really exciting to see my art featured on t-shirts and digital wallpapers. I’m so grateful to VOXI.

The judges were impressed with his bold, colorful style and thoughtful, uplifting quotes. Anna, who currently works as a social and digital designer for GymKing and is an avid traveler and hiker, dreams of becoming a freelance digital illustrator working for magazines and newspapers.

Credits: Anna Featherstone

Credits: Anna Featherstone

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“I’ve always loved art and have been doing it for as long as I can remember,” says Anna, originally from Northumberland. “My mom says I was born with a pencil in my hand!”

Anna started experimenting with digital art in sixth grade and discovered a medium she really loved, while pursuing art and design studies at university. She enjoys working on an iPad using software like Adobe Illustrator.

“I specialize in flat and vector illustrations – two-dimensional graphic art,” she explains, citing French artist Malika Favre as inspiration.

Celebrate diversity

Anna came across the VOXI Eyes On contest on the Instagram page of one of the judges, Poppy Crew, who is also a commercial artist.

“I thought it looked really cool, so I decided to participate,” she says.

Participants were asked to design a digital wallpaper based on the theme “Be Endless” – VOXI’s brand identity.

“I try to attract people from all walks of life,” says Anna. “I try to create diverse and inclusive works so people can hopefully see themselves in them.”

Getting your work featured on the merchandise of a top mobile carrier is a big step towards making your dreams come true, Anna agrees. You can find more examples of her work on her Instagram page: @anna_victoriart.

VOXI will be giving away limited-edition “I Saw It First” t-shirts and hoodies featuring Anna’s work during the rest of February through a rewards program, VOXI Drop.

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