Westport-based multidisciplinary performance artist Amy Oestreicher turns 33



Here at HamletHub, we are saddened by the death of Amy Oestreicher who left this Earth too early on April 7, 2021, just days away from her 34th birthday. Amy was born on April 10, 1987.

Amy was a talented and creative local writer who shared her health concerns in her powerful memoir. My beautiful detour: an unthinkable journey from Gutless to grateful. Two weeks before her prom, a blood clot blew up Amy’s stomach. She almost died. She shared her trauma and her “detour” from life in her TEDx talk. Watch it here.

Amy has lived. She lived boldly and for nearly two decades inspired the world with her tenacity, positive energy and determination to make the most of life.

Amy was an Audie Award nominated multidisciplinary playwright, performer and creator. She was a PTSD expert, Huffington Post columnist, international speaker, RAINN representative and disability advocate. She has three TEDx lectures on Transforming Trauma Through Creativity and has shared her story on NBC, CBS, ABC, and has contributed to over 70 publications as a Media Expert and PTSD Specialist.

We featured Amy in our Creativity Connects Westport series where she wrote, “Creativity connects me to Westport because of the wonderfully vibrant arts community we have here. Whether it’s writers, readers, painters , from playwrights, musicians, spectators or families who love to visit museums, the importance of creativity is such a shared value in this city that I believe brings our community together in the best possible way. ”You can read Amy’s questions and answers here.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Amy’s loved ones. She was truly a remarkable gift to the world.


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