What Camila Cabello doesn’t like about TikTok

Half of his heart is in Havana, the other half has mixed feelings on social media. Camila Cabello recently appeared on the TikTok LIVE virtual concert experience “Familia: Welcome to the Family.” However, during an interview, the singer explained why she wanted “the opposite of technology”.

Camila Cabello posted her concert experience live on social media platform, TikTok

‘Havana’ Singer Camila Cabello Performs at Wild 94.9 Concert WAZZMATAZZ | Steve Jennings/WireImage

Some know her for songs like “Havana” and “Bam Bam”. After stepping back from Fifth Harmony, Cabello found success as a solo artist, most notably gaining recognition for his song with Shawn Mendes, “Señorita.”

“I’m like going for a walk alone, or watching a TV show and zone, or reading,” Cabello said while appearing on the Sprout podcast, “it helps me love a lot, decompress sometimes.

In the same segment, the artist mentioned her introverted tendencies, even sharing the impact of this on her self-care routine. This singer shared that even technology (especially social media) is affecting her mental health.

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Camila Cabello wants “the opposite of technology”

Technology is an advantage for concerts and live performances. Cabello recently partnered with TikTok. Through the social media platform, the musician broadcast a live performance, Familia: Welcome to the Family, complete with visual and costume changes. However, this artist maintains a love/hate relationship with social networks.

“Like, I want the opposite of tech in the sense that, and I’m actually doing it for a performance, I have it soon, I want it to be, fuck, out in the sun,” Cabello said.

“I feel like we’re so disconnected, and it’s like, yeah, technology can be really cool, but I also just want to be fascinated by what’s already, like, you know, like, by nature herself,” the singer added. . “Like it’s like the coolest.”

Although she does not have a good relationship with social media, this artist appears on Instagram, TikTok and other platforms. Part of its appeal, however, is its relationship with fans.

The artist often shares Instagram stories of current events and never-before-seen photos of herself. On TikTok, this artist also addressed a viral wardrobe malfunction during an interview with BBC’s The One Show.

Cabello also uses social media to promote his solo music. Recently, this included Family and his single “Don’t Go Yet”. The artist has over 60 million Instagram followers and 16 million TikTok followers.

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Some videos from Camila Cabello’s TikTok LIVE concert are available to stream

Official videos from the TikTok concert have become available to watch on YouTube. This includes a live version of “psychofreak” with WILLOW, “Bam Bam” with Ed Sheeran” and “La Buena Vida”.

In this new era, Cabello references his family and showcases his Mexican roots, singing in Spanish for several original songs. In 2022, this artist is embarking on a world tour, stopping off in Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

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